IHBC Seminar 2018

The IHBC is the principal UK organisation responsible for the preservation of historic structures, conservation areas and landscapes. Members work mainly in local authorities and other publicly funded bodies like English Heritage, but also in private practice and UK conservation organisations. The Delegates for this conference will include surveyors, planners, architects, conservation officers, urban designers, structural engineers and heritage managers involved in the care and conservation of the historic environment. Conference organisers the NW Branch of the IHBC have a catchment area from the Isle of Man to Greater Manchester, including Chester, Merseyside and Lancs and will have a strong presence. Invitations will also be extended nationwide and should attract over 100 delegates all of whom will have a significant influence on the use and choice of materials and services in both the public and private sectors.

Seminar Information

  • 18th October 2018
  • 9.30am - 5pm
  • Liverpool Medical Institution, 114 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5SR
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This year’s conference focusses upon the many challenges faced in the conservation of historic places of worship. These buildings are used by a wide range of denominations and faiths, including churches and chapels, meeting houses, synagogues, gurdawaras, temples, mandirs and mosques. An increasing number of secular buildings are now also being used by faith groups, such as former schools and cinemas. These buildings often have a key presence in the wider historic environment, contributing positively to the quality of the local townscape and a sense of place as well as embodying evidential, historical, aesthetic and communal values.

Managing places of worship to ensure their long term preservation and ongoing use whilst minimising harm to their significance can be a considerable challenge. This may require balancing evolving faith practices, congregational expectations, and accommodating a wider range of activities alongside ongoing maintenance and historic fabric repair. The conference will consider different ways in which this balance can be achieved in order to support their ongoing use as places of worship, particularly where there is a need to make physical changes to the fabric or install new facilities for community use.

Where a religious use cannot be sustained, these buildings often present unique challenges – as well as opportunities – to accommodate alternative new uses. Examples of best practice will be highlighted to illustrate how places of worship can be adapted and converted to new uses whilst minimising harm to their significance.


Liverpool Lime Street, the main city centre train station. Limited public car parking is available on site. A map showing the location is available on the booking website. The entrance is to the rear of the building via the car park. The Liverpool Medical Institute is ten minute’s walk from Lime Street Station. Car parking is available locally at the Metropolitan Cathedral car park (opposite LMI), at a cost of approx £5.00 per day.


This conference will be of particular interest to companies/ professionals who manage, care and conserve places of worship and can offer the skills, products and services needed in the conservation of historic buildings.


Exhibitors will be reserving floor space only and must bring their own free-standing display panels. Products and equipment can be placed in front of spaces. A, B, C, D, E, F to a depth of one metre. The location of the exhibition area and the numerous refreshment breaks will provide good exposure of your display.



We are offering a service to distribute product information to all delegates at the event on registration in a Special Conservation Portfolio. This service is available to both exhibitors and non-exhibitors. You will need to supply 150 copies of the item you wish to have included in the Conservation Portfolio by 14th September 2018. The prices quoted are based on one item weighing not more than 25gms. If you wish to include heavier items, please ask for a separate quotation.

Floor Plan

Please study the floor plan, select the stand you require and contact Geoff Connelly to confirm your choice is still available.

Contact Geoff Connelly
01462 896688
Hall-McCartney Ltd, Heritage House
PO Box 21, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 5SH

Display Stand Information

Please telephone to confirm availability of display space before completing the application as there is room for only 6 exhibitors.

Stand sizes and construction

Display Spaces
A, B, C, D, E, F     3m x 1m £365.00

Literature Distribution

Exhibitors  £95.00
Non exhibitors £125.00
Extra delegate (each) £90.00

Set-up dates & times

Thursday 18th October 8.00AM – 9.00AM



We are not anticipating any problems, neither the Liverpool Medical Institute, the IHBC nor Hall-McCartney can accept any responsibility for loss or damage. On receipt of your booking and instructions, we will issue you with an invoice to be settled within 30 days or by 28th September 2018, whichever is the sooner.