We are able to publish a wide range of publications including Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Directories & Annual Reports on your behalf.

You may not require all the services that we are able to offer, so we are happy to provide a range of proposals, so that you can see the separate costs for Printing, Design & Layout and choose the ones you need.

The whole publishing package if you require it, would include us taking over responsibility for the design & layout, typesetting and pre-press work.

We are able to lay out both editorial and advertisement pages to your specification and design. We can provide proofs and make corrections.

We then create all of the digital files and deal with the printers direct on all matters relating to production.

If editorial assistance is required, a Production Editor can be supplied, to receive text from the Editor/s and devise a flat/page plan; check on the quality of pictures/scans supplied; edit copy (if necessary) to fit space available; check first proofs for corrections and return to publisher; check second proofs and receive Editor’s corrections and then check revised page proofs as necessary. The fee would be dependent on the precise requirements and the number of pages.